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About Digimedia

Internet Marketing Company

Internet marketing is about projecting a competent online presence coupled to promotion that attracts target audience web traffic. This traffic may come from search engine campaigns such as Pay Per Click advertising (Google Ads / Microsoft Ads), SEO (for SERP's - Search Engine Results Pages) or Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).  Contact us now for a free proposal.

Our Mission & Vision

To generate new business for our clients through intelligent digital design & promotion

The good news is that more business is being conducted online as never before; the bad news is that competition (large & small) is also online in larger numbers.  Online success requires ongoing commitment to your website along with integrated SEO & PPC promotion.

Creative design

We manage small to medium sized projects

A productive design, resource and management framework

Digimedia is a reliable Online Marketing Agency that is committed to delivering on promises. It is because of this commitment that some of our customers have been with us for 10+ years.  If you are interested in any of our services, whether this be for website design or promotional campaigns, we'll be delighted to hear from you and offer a quotation for any service.

flexible resource management
How We Operate

We flex resources according to demand

You will no doubt be familiar with what's called 'The Cloud' which is a modern euphemism that refers to clusters of web servers dynamically configured to allocate on-demand computing resources. Digimedia's resource operates in a similar manner. We work with a number of freelance coders who we manage according to project skills requirements and workload demand.  This is what flex resourcing means, more resource when work loads are greater and less when they are not.  We believe that this is the modern way that many companies like ourselves operate in order to manage costs, whilst achieving high productivity.

Affordable SEO Company

Honest SEO that is tailored to a budget and clear targets

Many small companies have very tight budgets for SEO and, as a small company ourselves, we fully understand this constraint.  We class ourselves as an 'Affordable SEO Company' because we will realistically outline what can be achieved for any given budget.  If we have built your website then we will have already built in what's called 'on page' SEO as part of the design process.  If we are required to work on an existing site then the first stage is to go through each of your site's pages and build target keywords into page titles, tags, headings, navigation and body text.  Prior to starting work we will report your site's ranking status and then again report 2 month's later so that progress is measured.  Please be aware that SEO results do take time and there are no short cuts to climbing the SERP's ladder.

White Hat SEO

SEO Service Company

There are many companies on the Internet offering SEO services and claiming to propel your website to the top of the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) in record time.   There are indeed some techniques that might achieve this but many of these techniques fall under the category of what's called 'black hat seo' but, BEWARE!  These days search engines such as Google are extremely competent at weeding out websites promoted by black hat seo and, once detected, such sites are highly likely to suffer penalty demotions.  Once a site has been penalised, it can take many months, or perhaps a year to recover demoted rankings and the only alternative is to deploy Pay Per Click campaigns to get back Internet visibility.  As an SEO Service Company Digimedia only utilises 'white hat SEO' techniques that compliment your rankings.


Google Keyword Ranking Improvements

Having thoughts about your current online presence?  Let's discuss your ideas.

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