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Website Design and Development

Web Design Services

Our approach to website design is as a partnership with our client. We work closely with clients to understand their business objectives in order to design in nuances that emphasise their online business presence.  All new websites we develop follow responsive web design rules so they may be viewed on all devices such as PC's, tablets or phones.  Websites are like Icebergs, there is so much behind what you see.  The success of your site greatly depends upon code elements (on page SEO) that are hidden from a human viewer, but which signal much to search engine web crawlers.

Our success very much depends upon our client's success. It is for this reason that when we launch a new website we closely analyse it's early use to check that it is performing inline with expectations. We will have ironed out any technical issues in the pre-launch testing phase, but it is the way users interact with the site that we will validate to ensure that ease of use is as anticipated. Should we see something in the validation which we believe could be improved, we'll discuss it with the client before modifying the site, at no additional charge.

Over the course of the first 3 months of a new site's operation, we will continue to add in any minor improvements that are deemed necessary to enhance the website's performance, again at no additional cost.  This commitment to our clients is key to the longer term success of their website because, as we've already said, we view the whole development process as a partnership which we want to be successful.

Web Design Services
On Page SEO Design

Digimedia designs in 'on page' SEO to all new websites

SEO Web Design

Unless your website falls into the 'private' category where access is by invitation only, you'll want your website to be prominent on the Internet and found by online searches.  All search engines use 'web crawlers' which are robot systems that scan web pages and pick out key page elements which are then indexed in the search engine's database.  When a user goes to a search engine such as Google (for example) and enters a search term (keyword search term), this term is matched to entries in Google's database to locate websites with relevant content and these matches are then returned to the user in what are called SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages).  When a web page is constructed it is important to build it in a manner that invites web crawlers to pick out keyword terms for inclusion in the search engine database and this is what is meant when we describe a page as having 'SEO built in' (SEO meaning 'Search Engine Optimised').  Many clients with existing websites want them enhanced so that they become more visible for target keyword searches and have them returned higher up in the SERP's.  For these clients we run SEO Projects which operate over a number of months, or are continually ongoing because being prominent in the free listings is the best way to achieve more online business (it's the online equivalence to being on a 'high street' or 'back street' trading location).  Clearly, SEO is a major subject and to read more please visit our affordable SEO page.

WordPress facilitates updates and additions to websites without coding knowledge

WordPress Web Design

Websites are a crucial and an integral element of a modern business and many companies want tight control over how a site is operated, updated and maintained; this is where WordPress comes in.  WordPress is a system framework that allows non-programmers to add content and manage their website without knowledge of coding languages (although understanding html can be advantageous, but is not essential).  Many design templates exist for WordPress and they offer an 'off the shelf' design which enables a complete website to quickly take shape.  Digimedia can provide a fully working WordPress website populated with content, or a customised framework site which the client populates with content (text, images, video along with complex, or simple user forms).  Basic WordPress designs are supported by a very large range of what are called 'plugins' which are functionality blocks that non-programmers can easily add to a WordPress site to extend the initial capability.  If you like the idea of managing your own content and would like to move to a WordPress website, then please do contact us.  Perhaps you already have such a site and need some custom support to change, or enhance some element of it's operation, for either reason we'll be delighted to assist.

WordPress Website Design
eShopping Cart

We build online shops based on WooCommerce

eCommerce Website Development

An online shop is a complex system that requires extensive functionality to attractively display products, manage sales and stock, payment mechanisms and the delivery of goods along with customer support. In 2020 the leading eCommerce application is WooCommerce with a 28.24% market share followed by Squarespace and Shopify, with shares of 17.69% and 10.98% percent respectively (according to Statista).  If you already have an online shop you will know how much time and effort has to go into adding products with relevant descriptions, stock management and also shipping logistics.  Using WooCommerce and WordPress, Digimedia can provide the framework and systems to support any online shop in partnership with our client.  Resource required to enter all product details including pricing and stock levels, is usually the client's responsibility.  These projects are very much a collaborative effort with the client slecting layouts, branding, payment and shipping preferences.  For more details about how we could support your online commerce please contact us and outline the project you have in mind, we'll be happy to assist and make your project an online success.

Ongoing Performance Checks & Updates

Website Maintenance & Support

A website is a business's shop window and as such it's important to keep it current and ensure any operating issues are efficiently dealt with.  Internal, or incoming links may point to pages that move over time, or are no longer available and such page urls will appear as a 'Page not found' (404) error, which creates bad user experience and business perception.  Regularly maintained and updated websites fair better in the Search Engine Results Pages because they can get more 'click through', which helps with rankings.  Content additions and revisions are also helpful to rankings whilst also giving people a reason to return to get the latest information (especially so with issues like Covid-19).

Websites that typically require more maintenance are eCommerce and WordPress sites because such sites commonly use several 'plugins' or site 'extensions'.  These code extensions regularly get updated by originators and sometimes 'auto updates' do not work as intended, which can lead to minor (or major) issues.  Depending upon the type of website and the frequency of necessary updates, we will be happy to quote for a custom support package in the form of an ongoing monthly charge.  A support package aids budgeting and smooths cash flow because we accept work load peaks & troughs without altering the monthly charge.

Website Support & Maintenance

Our Standard Web Design Features

All our websites can offer a wide variety of useful features

Responsive Design

Powerful Search

Attractive Graphics


On-site SEO Coding

Straight Forward UI

Innovative Layouts

Parallax Imaging

Term Explanations:

Powerful Search:

Onsite search to locate specific product, or content

Attractive Graphics:

Images that bring your site to life!

On-site SEO Coding:

Coding techniques include 'on-site' SEO

Straight Forward UI:

Simple, friendly user interface

Innovative Layouts:

Sections & navigation that logically flow

Parallax Imaging:

Scrolling background image

Why Choose Us

We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction

One thing that Covid-19 has taught us is that a good online presence has never been so important.  The switch from physical shopping to buying online has now accelerated like never before.  If your online business is not growing then you need a new strategy, and fast!

Our philosophy is to understand your business and market from an Internet perspective.  Our total objective being to win our client more business through innovative design and content that we believe will achieve desired goals.  Once your website goes live we will analyse it's performance to see how people use it, if there's a problem we'll fix it free of charge!  Our aim really is to make your success OUR success so as we say, we WILL go the extra mile to ensure your business goes in the right direction.

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