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Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is exactly that, the PPC search engine account holder is charged a 'click cost' every time someone clicks on an advertisement placed by an account holder that is linked to a target web page.  Advertisements are set up in PPC campaigns and are triggered to display on the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) by search term keyword matches.  Such campaigns are controlled by a variety of mechanisms which have become more complex as more functionality has been added into the various PPC platforms on offer, such as Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.  A typical PPC campaign is arranged in groups (Ad Groups) that contain target keywords and advertisements, custom written to appeal to a user's search term in a way that invites a 'click'.  When a user clicks on a corresponding Ad they are taken to a particular page of the account holder's website that is displaying content relevant to the search term that triggered a user click.  These days, PPC Ads (Sponsored Ads) appear above and below the 10 free listed websites on any given search engines results page.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Why use a PPC campaign?

PPC Services

If you're running an online business then it is an absolute must to generate relevant traffic to your website; relevant meaning traffic from users searching for what your website is offering.  Such traffic can come to your website in a number of ways, but the main routes being: Direct, SERP's or PPC.

  • Direct is when a user enters your website URL directly into a browser address bar (the user has obtained your website address from a telephone call, recommendation or advertisement they may have seen in some publication)
  • SERP's being traffic generated from the free listings on the search engine results pages.
  • PPC being traffic generated from a Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

Getting traffic from the SERP's is a bonus to any website because SERP's traffic comes at no cost other than perhaps the cost of an SEO campaign that may be running, or has run at some stage.  The problem with SERP's traffic is that it may take some time (a few months, or longer) to gain traffic from this source and this is not traffic you can initially base a business on.  The alternative is PPC which can generate website traffic from day 1 of its launch; in fact lots of traffic, depending upon the budget allocated to PPC promotion and the number of keywords deployed.  The key to successful PPC campaigns is getting a good return on your expenditure i.e. the return in business sales well covers the cost of the PPC promotion.  Digimedia has been running PPC campaigns in disparate markets for over 14 years and some of our PPC Management clients have been with us for 10+ years.  Clients use our services because we get them more traffic, for less cost than they could achieve by their own management, so we save them both time and money.

We actively manage PPC campaigns

PPC Management Services

All PPC campaigns that we manage are custom designed to promote a business and its products according to the market the company operates in, and the budget that is assigned.  The strength of competition, range of products and services and the operating budget will determine the design of any given campaign, which may in fact, consist of several sub-campaigns.  Each campaign will be split into tight AdGroups that closely align with a set of keywords and matching Ads to achieve the best 'quality score', 'click through rate' and 'conversion rate' (see below for term explanations).  Keywords are charged by the platform operator depending upon the keyword bid option set in the campaign settings, if manual bidding is selected then each keyword will require an individual bid amount (or default amount) set against it.  Bids are competitive which means that Ad positions are dependant upon other competitor bids.  We review bids, click through rates and Ad performance on a daily basis to achieve an optimal result.

*Quality Score = How relevant a keyword, Ad and landing page are aligned together

*Click Through Rate = The percentage of clicks achieved, from the number of times an Ad is displayed

*Conversion Rate = The percentage of enquiries generated against the number od Ad clicks

Active PPC Management
Monthly PPC Reporting

Knowing how well your PPC campaign is working

Monthly PPC Report

At the end of every month we provide a report that will clearly show the cost of your campaign and how well it is performing.  Apart from reporting actual results we will offer comment about various elements of the campaign(s).  It is quicker to grasp campaign trends and overall performance from visual aids such as graphs which we include in every report to illustrate key campaign data over a 3 month rolling period.  Total enquiries (conversions) are shown over a 12 month period which further highlight accumulative performance.  We believe, clear, monthly reporting is a key element of any pay per click campaign so that expenditure is equated against the return.

Google Ads Management

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