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Internet Marketing Services

Digimedia offers a range of Digital Marketing Services that will fully support your online business whether that be an established operation, or new online presence.  We focus on smaller businesses that are just setting up online, or want to revamp their current website and promote it to generate more business.  There's no doubt that the pandemic has hastened the shift from traditional shops to online selling, whatever market you're in.  Business success these days is very much about being successful online so you've no time to waste!

Digital Marketing Services (what we offer)

  • An attractive website which is technically sound
  • A simple user interface (UI) that is not gimicky and can be used by all
  • Layouts and content flows which enables users to quickly find what they're looking for
  • Online promotion through the main Search Engines (Google, Bing etc)
  • eCommerce sites, with a simple basket and checkout facility
  • Our designs will project your competence, capability and responsiveness
  • Visitor tracking and site performance analysis
  • Conversion optimisation (sales or enquiries)
  • Efficient hosting which facilitates fast page loads
  • Screen width independance (PC's, Tablets & Phones)
  • Ongoing support & maintenance

Several years ago you could set up a website and let it run as a sort of online catalogue, or information source, for people just wanting more details prior to making contact.  Things could not be more different today!  Online is where the transactions are and the competition is massive in just about every market.  Every company, whether that be the largest, or the smallest, is fighting for the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages), also referred as the free search listings.  This is the reason why there's no room for complacency if you want to be build a successful online business.

As you will note from the above, there's much more involved with website design and promotion than is evident from first glance, this is why our services as an Internet Marketing Agencyand SEO Agency can greatly assist your return on investment.

What We Offer

A productive partnership that delivers results

Digimedia really does deliver what we say we will and we do this through reliable, honest and productive services.

Website design and development

On the Internet, getting key information across to a user quickly is vital to make that important first impression.   Attractive graphics and informative layouts, coupled with easy to use navigation and search, are the main design ingredients to hold the visitor's attention.

Read more about our approach to new website designs.  If you've already got a site and want improvements, or promotion though Pay Per Click or SEO campaigns, then please do get in touch.


SEO Content &

Websites that generate strong sales & enquiries are usually strong on content that is well presented.  Clear concise information that is easy to find, not only impresses potential customers, but also gains recognition from search engines (SERP SEO) which aides Internet visibility.  Content can come from an exisiting site which we will build on or, in the case of a new site, may be originated by us in consultation with our client.


Website support & maintenance

Once a client's web partnership with us gets past the initial design and launch phases, we offer ongoing support.  Updates to both content and operating software will ensure your website operates efficiently 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  Some of our clients have been with us for over 12 years and we have become a trusted online resource.  Performance analysis and regular improvements, will add to your online business by keeping your site looking fresh & current.


website design team

Creative design that stands out from your competition

Digimedia knows how a professionally designed website can significantly influence your company's market presence.  We are ready to create (or update) this presence that matches, or surpasses your competitors.  Our front end development approach is to go through a mock up stage to quickly get across our ideas and gain design feedback, while also eliminating any misunderstandings.  Through this process we move to the final coded design which will include 'on site' SEO built in.  Our objective being to produce a great looking website that has all the functionality to deliver smooth and enhanced business performance.  This approach not only reduces the elapsed time to 'going live', but also ensures our client gets what they want.

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  • Competitive rates

    We offer a quality service at very competitive rates and will detail all quotes for comparison.  All quotes are based on development time and resources required.

  • Straight forward terms

    Our quote will detail stage payments and milestones.  Should your requirements change anytime along the development path we will simply agree a cost adjustment.  You will own the completed website which can be hosted on our server, or transferred to a server of your choosing.


Let’s discuss your project

Having thoughts about your future website?  We are always open to discuss your ideas.

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